Facilities at A'lure Hotel & Residences

A'lure houses a large swimming pool, a steam and sauna facility, private lounges, airy outdoor sitting areas and more, providing our patrons with comfort as well as convenience.

Beat the Heat, Swim to Your Heart's Content

We offer a large swimming pool with poolside seating. Take a dip and have fun hanging out with friends and family, or laze around in the seating area. You can also grab a drink and relax while taking in the refreshing views. Sometimes a good swim is all it takes to make your day a hundred times better. Our swimming pool in Kampala is one of the best pools in Kampala that has a splendid ambience that is sure to drown your stress away!

Please note: We do not provide swimwear. Guests have to bring their own. 

Sauna & Steam Facility

Our sauna & steam facility is irresistibly amazing at helping our guests de-stress and feel good about their bodies. Experiencing the heat of a steam room can help you release endorphins which are “feel good” hormones. It helps us feel happy with a sense of calm. Saunas also help improve blood circulation, which restores the body to its optimal form. Ours is one of the finest saunas near Mutundwe Hill.

Le’Prive Lounge, A High-end Private Lounge in Kampala

Le’Prive Lounge is a high-end private lounge with exotic liquor. This place is a dream for liquor connoiseurs with exquisite palates. Our wide selection of high-end whiskeys, gins, spirits, vodkas and exotic wines will leave you wishing you had the capacity to savour them all! Our VIP private setup is meant for everyone who is old enough to consume liquor with an appreciation and preference for the same. We understand that drinking is much more than getting drunk, it is an acquired taste that leaves you feeling mesmerised by the creative blend of flavours. Le’Prive Lounge is without a doubt, the best place for drinks in Kampala.

Some of the Other Premium Offerings at A’lure Hotel & Residences

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PWD-Friendly (Persons With Disability) Rooms

Women having a conversation at the outdoor seating area

Outdoor Seating Areas

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Outdoor Swimming Pool


Car Park

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Special Dietary Catering (on notice in advance)