Waswa Micheal Road On Mutundwe Hill, Kampala - Uganda
The Bedroom at the Three-Bedroomed Suite looks regal with beautiful furniture
Deluxe Room at A lure 7


A'lure Hotel & Residences

Lodged in the capital of Uganda, A'lure, as the name suggests, is an enticingly exotic boutique hotel. The convenient location makes it an excellent pick for travellers and walk-in guests to rest for the night after a day of sightseeing in Kampala, Uganda's capital. The ravishing appearance and serene ambience add to its appeal. Our hotel in Kampala rests away from the busy city centre, making it a peaceful abode amidst the bustle of the city.

A Haven Amidst the City

Our Hotel in Kampala is situated near several incredible tourist attractions such as Kasubi Royal Tombs and Kabaka’s Palace. Our guests can also easily access the airport which is around 40 km from our hotel. We make comfort and luxury affordable to the general public, without compromising on the quality of service. This is why we choose to provide budget-friendly options. Our hotel in Uganda takes pleasure in lighting up your day with the best hospitality services and amenities.


Rooms & Suites

We understand that a good night’s sleep can significantly improve your day. Our comfy bedding and aesthetically pleasing furnishings will get you dreaming even before you close your eyes. Feel the stress and tiredness evaporate from your body as you lay down on our cushion-like beds. You can laze around comfortably in our rooms and enjoy wonderful amenities such as high-speed internet, in-room safe, interactive flat-screen TV and a minibar.

Standard Room at A lure Hotel Residences 5

Standard Room

US$ 120 USD/Night

Our Standard Rooms are ideal for two adults who wish to stay in a snug room with a wonderful garden view. These rooms exude sophistication through simplicity.

The Deluxe Rooms looks splendid in grey walls and red flooring

Deluxe Room

US$ 140/Night

Our Deluxe Rooms are spacious accommodations for two adults. The balcony opens up to a stunning view. The bathroom is equipped with a bathtub and shower.

The bedroom at the Two-Bedroomed Suite

Two-Bedroomed Suite

US$ 150/Night

Our Two-Bedroomed Suites can lavishly accommodate three adults and one child. One of the two rooms is a master bedroom. These rooms provide an amazing view of the pool.

Two chairs and a teapoy are placed in front of the bed 3

Three-Bedroomed Suite

US$ 200/Night

Our Three-Bedroomed Suites are roomy enough to accommodate five adults and one child. One of the three rooms is a master bedroom that comes with a  jacuzzi.

dining arrangement at LE PALAIS 10


Dine With Us

Another reason our clients prefer to stay at our hotel is because of our sheer range of appetising food and drinks. We have two restaurants, namely - The Residence & Le’Palais to give you the best dining experience in Kampala. We curate delightful preparations spanning Continental & Indian Cuisines, and an assortment of high-end alcoholic beverages to enrapture your palate with an explosion of flavours. Our outdoor and indoor dining arrangements provide the perfect ambience for hearty meals and even heartier conversations.



We provide capacious halls that are beautifully designed and laced with amenities that are ideal for workshops, meetings and conferences. Two of our halls are best suited for lavish wedding celebrations. With gorgeous decor and dining arrangements, our halls offer the perfect venue for that traditional big, fat wedding! We even have a medium-sized hall for smaller, more intimate celebrations. Our smallest hall can accommodate up to 20 people. It is ideal for small casual gatherings as well.

dining arrangement at LE PALAIS 5


Swimming Pool, Wellness and Other Facilities

A'lure houses a large swimming pool, a steam and sauna facility, private lounges, airy outdoor sitting areas and more, providing our patrons with comfort as well as convenience.

a person getting out of the pool 1

Swimming pool

The sauna and steam room at A lure

Sauna & Steam Facility


Private Lounge

Swimming is a great recreational activity and exercise, some also say that it can be therapeutic to the mind and body. Swim to your heart’s content in our top-notch swimming pool! Our sauna and steam facility is irresistibly amazing, helping our guests de-stress and feel a sense of calm. Experiencing the heat of a steam room can help you release endorphins which are “feel good” hormones. Saunas are also good to help improve blood circulation, which restores the body to its optimal form. We provide an array of facilities that include a PWD-friendly (Persons With Disability) room, a private lounge, an outdoor sitting area, car parking and food catering to special dietary needs.